Dr. Cary. A. Greenwood, APR, Fellow PRSA, (Ph.D. University of Oregon), is an assistant professor of public relations at Middle Tennessee State University, where she teaches crisis communication, case studies and public relations campaigns. She has more than 30 years’ experience in public relations, including eight years in corporate communications management for a Fortune 500 utility, seven years as public affairs director for a state natural resource agency, and two years in transportation management. She is an experienced public relations strategist, speechwriter, and public speaker, and she brings that background into the classroom. Her research interests are whistleblowing, organization-public relationships, corporate social responsibility and evolutionary theory.

She has conducted two quantitative studies of whistleblowing among public relations practitioners, and she serves on the Affiliated Faculty Committee for the Government Accountability Project’s The American Whistleblower Tour based in Washington, D.C. She has presented her research on whistleblowing at the International Communication Association, the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, the Public Relations Society of America International Conference and the PRSA/GA regional conference.

Dr. Cary Greenwood CV


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